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I offer individual counseling for children using play-based techniques. I specialize in working with children aged 4-12 years old. I use a combination of non-directive (child-driven) and directive (therapist-driven) play based techniques. I have experience working with children who come to counseling for a variety of reasons. A few examples include grief and loss, sadness or depression, self-esteem, anxiety or worrying, attention problems, anger, family problems, and adjustment to new situations. I also utilize EMDR with play modalities to help children process negative memories and emotions.  Teletherapy services available in certain circumstances.

I also offer parent consultation and coaching through the play therapy experience. This is an ongoing process. I typically will ask that every fourth session be a parent meeting, where we will review your child's progress. However, some families may require greater support and need to meet more frequently. Working with the family together can be helpful to identify any unhelpful dynamics, and assist your family toward functioning in a healthy manner. Teletherapy services available in certain circumstances.

I also offer individual therapy for adults. I work especially well with adults who are dealing with issues stemming from their childhood, who are moving through a life transition, who are needing clarification about themselves and their roles and desires, or who are seeking personal exploration and growth. I utilize sand tray therapy as a way to help adults explore those parts of themselves that they may not have been fully aware existed or able to express.  I also utilize EMDR to assist those who are struggling with processing difficult memories and emotions. Teletherapy services available in certain circumstances.

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